Learning about Culture & Customs

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Learning about Culture and Customs

Learning a language is the first step towards understanding a culture. However, this is only the start of the process. Gaining an understanding of the culture and customs will allow the learner to benefit more fully from the experience, making a stay abroad more enjoyable.

Although Norway and the UK are only a 2-hour flight apart, there are cultural differences between these two nations.  An understanding of these differences may facilitate business negotiations or aid integration into the host country.

Learning about Norway and Norwegians

Our tutors in this area are Inger Marie and Aasa.  Previously, they have been employed by international, blue-chip organisations where they have successfully introduced Norwegian culture and customs to professionals about to be seconded to Norway. Both Norwegian, they have lived and run their own businesses in London for many years, thus enabling them to provide insight into Norwegian culture and society, as well as highlighting how Norway and the UK differ.

Learning about the UK and the British

These courses are open to any foreign learner of English. We provide tuition suited to your needs, whether you wish to understand the English education system in order to integrate your family into British society, or whether you require English for more specific business purposes, in which case we can draw on our contacts here in the UK.

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Group tuition is also available upon request.