Private Tuition for Children

Starting the Sirkel

Private Tuition for Children

Language and communication skills are increasingly important in our modern world of multi-national corporations and video conferencing. By learning with Sirkel, your child will be given the best start in life. At Sirkel we have many years of teaching experience, so we know how to make learning fun and efficient! Each child is an individual and we adapt lessons to suit every pupil’s needs.

Learning Norwegian

Growing up in a foreign country can be exciting, and a great cultural experience for young children. Sirkel enables children of Norwegian parents to attend local British schools, but not fall behind their friends at home with regard to Norwegian history, geography and social studies.

Learning English

These classes would suit foreign children living in the UK who wish to learn English in a structured manner. Children often pick up languages quickly through interaction with their peers. However, a proper understanding of a language, requires the structure of grammar and spelling as well as a knowledge of linguistic nuances and idioms. We will make sure your child receives the best education and support whilst developing their language skills, so that they can maximize their opportunities whilst in England. They will benefit from this grounding for the rest of their life.

With Sirkel your child will gain important language skills, giving them a good start to the Circle of Life!

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Group tuition is also available upon request.





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