Private Tuition for Adults

Continuing the Sirkel

Private Tuition for Adults

Language skills are increasingly important in our modern world, as national boundaries are broken down by new technology. Whether you require language skills for business purposes or personal reasons, improving your knowledge can make a vast difference to your situation. At Sirkel we provide tailor-made, flexible tuition to suit your schedule.

Learning Norwegian

Our students include people who are in a relationship with a Norwegian, and who would like to improve their communication with their partner and their in-laws, as well as professionals who need to learn about Norwegian language and culture for business purposes.

Learning English

Living in the UK does not automatically mean that language skills will be improved. Sometimes a bit of help from a professional can make all the difference. We provide private tuition to adults who wish to take their English to a new level. These classes might suit a foreign housewife/husband who is not given much opportunity to practice English whilst their partner is on secondment to the UK, a professional whose English skills need to be improved especially with regard to business English, or  someone who has recently moved to the UK and needs to kickstart their English.

Our classes enable you to continue the learning Sirkel!

Please contact us for information about fees.

Group tuition also available upon request.