…is Norwegian for Circle…

…because we believe that learning is an ongoing process throughout the Circle of Life, equally valuable in childhood as in adulthood.

At Sirkel, we are passionate about the quality of our teaching as we prepare our students for a wide range of public examinations. Our teachers draw on many years of experience teaching children and adults. Our language tuition is suitable for professional purposes as well as social interaction.

Learning is part of day-to-day life, which is why we do not limit the learning experience to the classroom.  At Sirkel, we arrange tuition to suit your schedule. Flexibility is key. You can decide the time and place – early morning, after hours, at weekends, in a café, at your place, at ours or online.

Start the Learning Circle with Sirkel and sign up for one of our classes in Norwegian, English or in Culture & Customs.

In the meantime we wish you a lovely day and hope you’ll enjoy this week’s proverb:

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”.


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